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Julian Lennon is Born

John Charles Julian Lennon is born at Sefton General Hospital, Liverpool.  He is named John after his father, Charles after his mother's father and Julian after John's mother Julia.

Emperor's Gate

Julian moves with his parents to Emperor's Gate, in the West Kensington area of London.


The family move to Kenwood in Weybridge, Surrey. The family lived in the top-floor servants' quarters for almost 9 months whilst it was renovated and furnished.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Julian brings home a drawing from school which later becomes the inspiration behind the song, 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds'.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude, the Beatles' best selling single, is released. Paul remembers, "I was driving out to see Cynthia and Julian. Cyn and John had just separated and they were still friends. I was singing 'Hey Jules,' and I got this idea-'don't make it bad'-you know, this situation. Take a sad song, make it better. Eventually, I thought Jules didn't sound quite right, and Jude just sounded better."

Tittenhurst, Ascott

John Lennon moves into Tittenhurst and Julian visits regularly.