Upcoming Events & Projects

  • Where can I find out about what Julian is doing?

    Please visit the news section of this site where we provide various links to recent reports and upcoming events.

  • Is Julian touring

    Julian has no plans to tour at this point, but should things change, you’ll hear about it here first.


  • What is Julian’s favourite music?

    He likes most kinds of music.

  • What type of guitar does Julian play?

    In general, Julian prefers acoustic guitars and plays a J-55 Gibson (made between 1939 and 1943), a 12 string 995 Rosewood Taylor and also a CJ 32 Yamaha.

  • Does Julian have a favourite instrument to play?

    Not really, he likes all instruments…

  • What instruments does Julian play?

    He can play most instruments by ear. He doesn’t read or write music. Generally after he has written and/or recorded a song, he forgets how he wrote it, so, when playing ‘live’, he has to relearn every song and every instrument again, even the lyrics too!

  • How many studio albums has Julian released?

    Six: Valotte [1984], The Secret Value Of Daydreaming [’86], Mr. Jordan [’89], Help Yourself [’91], Photograph Smile [’98] and Everything Changes [2013].

  • Has Julian appeared on other musicians’ albums?

    To view Julian’s collaborations click here

  • Is Julian writing a new album?

    No, and he won’t be for some time as he has to promote ‘Everything Changes’ in many countries over the next 6-12 months. Then, if you consider that he might tour, that could also take anywhere between 6-12 months, and as many of his fans already know, Julian certainly doesn’t like to rush his work…

  • Where can I buy previous albums?

    You can buy Julian’s albums from Amazon UK, Amazon US or iTunes.


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