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The Secret Value of Daydreaming (Album) | 1986


  • 1.
    Stick Around
  • 2.
    You Get What You Want
  • 3.
    Let Me Tell You
  • 4.
    I've Seen Your Face
  • 5.
    Coward Till the End?
  • 6.
    This Is My Day
  • 7.
    You Don't Have to Tell Me
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Always Think Twice
  • 10.
    Want Your Body

The Secret Value of Daydreaming, Julian's second album, is released in the UK on Charisma/Virgin Records. Produced, as before, by Phil Ramone, the album is recorded at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas and mixed at the Hit Factory in New York City.

Joining Julian is a quintet of players from the first tour - Carmine Roja, Justin Clayton, Alan Childs, Chuck Kentis, an Frank Elmo - plus new recruit David Brown on guitar. Among those making cameo appearances include Billy Joel, who tickles the ivories on You Get What You Want.

The Secret Value of Daydreaming was Julian's sophomore album. It was quickly written following a grueling tour and little rest. - Julian Lennon on the making of the Secret Value of Daydreaming: "Well, with Valotte I had an idea what I was going to record, you know, because I'd had a lot of chance...a lot of time to work on the material. But, with this one, I didn't have so much time, you know. After the tour I went to Barbados for a month and shipped all my gear down because it was going to be a working holiday but none of the gear arrived until the last week."

Like Valotte, The Secret Value of Daydreaming was produced by Phil Ramone and engineered by Bradshaw Leigh. The album produced one Top 40 hit (Stick Around) and was certified gold by the RIAA on 22 May 1986.

The same year The Secret Value of Daydreaming was release Julian also appeared in two musicals: Dave Clark's Time and Matt Batt's musical interpretation of the Lewis Carol poem The Hunting of the Snark; and participated in the filming of the Chuck Berry special Hail Hail Rock and Roll.


Julian Lennon: Lead vocals, Background vocals, Bass guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Yamaha Drum programming.
Carmine Rojas: Bass
Justin Clayton: Guitar
David Brown: Guitar
Alan Childs: Drums
Chuck Kentis: Keyboards
Frank Elmo: Horns

Cameo Appearances

Jimmy Bralower: Percussion
John McCurry: Guitar
Billy Joel: Piano on  You Get What You Want
Background Vocals: Fiona Flanagan, Karen Kamon, Rory Dodd, Eric Troyer & Peter Hewlett

Additional Information

The cover photo was taken by Timothy White
Art Direction by Bob Defrin Concept by Julian Lennon.